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A new idea of holiday: Why should you choose Puesta de Sol ?

A new idea of holiday: <br>Why should you choose Puesta de Sol ?

Travelling around the world, it can happen to appreciate the services offered by exclusive organizations as the Clubs, which follow iron rules in exchange for high quality services. There are also places where it is possible to stay in complete independence and autonomy. This kind of structure are Residence.

We have decided to melt best of the two typologies to allow everybody to enjoy the special services typical of the Clubs, but without sacrificing autonomy and independence of Residences.

It is for this reason that Puesta de Sol is a structure with only 8 apartments, which guarantee the serenity and the exclusiveness of the service.

As in a club, you will always have the possibility to count on staff who can assist you professionally and help you to organize your days.

As in a Residence, you will totally be independent, and you will have the freedom to choose how to live your vacation, without limits of time.